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Our consulting packages are built for companies ready to put their customers at the center of their business and turn them into lifelong fans! We will: 

  • Map out your unique goals, identify pain points, and develop a custom plan just for you.

  • Work to develop the systems, strategy and support needed to level up your customers' success with your product based on their unique journey.

  • Dive into strategy and enablement to implement a framework that will ensure a valuable and consistent experience for your customers and create a trackable, scalable framework for your teams to follow.

Identify Gaps & Define Customer Strategy

  • Full audit of the existing customer lifecycle stages, strategies and processes to identify gaps in your current strategy.

  • Utilize data and analytics to define Customer Segmentation and suggested levels of service per each segment.  

  • Set clear goals and define success metrics for the Customer Success team (ie: retention revenue metrics, engagement metrics, etc.)

Automate Customer Engagement 

  • From Onboarding to Renewals

  • Create Customer facing resources such as Libraries/Academies & FAQs Monthly Reports, etc.

  • ​Automated reports or dashboards to continuously prove ROI metrics for your customers 

Create a Framework using Customer Success Best Practices

  • ​Handoff & Onboarding Playbooks

  • Executive Business Review templates 

  • Tools and strategies to increase customer usage of your product

  • Forecasting / Renewal Playbooks

  • Cross-Functional Playbooks & Rules of Engagement with other departments (ie: Sales, Product, Engineering, Support, Marketing) 

Create Customer Feedback Loops & Health Indicators

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Let's Talk

Schedule a free discovery call to discuss you unique needs and uncover how Customer Success ​​can enable your team to work smarter, more productively and more successfully with their customers.

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