Customer Strategies Built for Your Unique Business

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Sound Familiar?

You've worked incredibly hard to make your business a success! Making sure product, marketing and sales are aligned to ensure that new customers will come! And they have! 


But what now? You feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to “do it all.” You’re putting out fires, managing customer situations, and getting pulled in a million directions.


It doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could make more time for what you love without neglecting your customers OR burning yourself out?


How? By creating a strategy for Customer Success

Wait, Back Up...

What exactly does Customer Success mean?


Customer Success is a business strategy that ensures your customers' goals are effectively met by your product or service, through an experience that's meaningful to them. 

When done correctly, Customer Success can help you work smarter, not harder. It will boost your productivity and efficiency all while enhancing your communications and relationships with your customers.


The results?

Increased Customer Retention, Better Sales, Customer Referrals, Upselling Opportunities and Business Growth!


It's a win-win!

Increase Customer Retention


Better Sales


Customer Referrals


Upselling Opportunities


Business Growth


I'm Hadas!

Customer Success Expert

With 15+ years experience working in High-Tech SaaS companies such as HubSpot and IBM, I've learned how to effectively and positively manage customer relationships: helping businesses find balance between managing their customers and running their business.

From strategic planning to creating innovative solutions, I specialize in working with brands of all sizes to add meaning, value, and heart to their customer work. 

Together, we can create a customer-centric strategy while working within the means and resources available to you.


Tell me about you!


or CSM

I’m currently working with customers but there has to be a better way! I’m constantly putting out fires, working through customer situations, and getting pulled in a million directions other than working on my craft. I’m great at what I do, but feel like I never have the time to focus on growing my business.

Early stage Startups

I have an existing platform or system and I'm currently focused on my Go-to-Market Strategy and getting my first customers. I want to make sure I’m setting up my business and my customers for success, but I don't have the time or resources to dedicate to a full-time role in Customer Success.

Startup Companies

I work at a SaaS company with existing customers and a dedicated Customer Success team. I'm in need of a clear and consistent framework for my Customer Success team to ensure all of my customers are seeing maximum value and ROI from my product. I want to be able to measure and crush my retention goals!

What My Services Offer

When we work together, you can expect the BEST

Build a Strategy - Develop a framework to ensure the success of your customers is measurable, repeatable, and scalable.

Enable your Team - Create a framework that gives you and your team the tools, knowledge, and confidence to deliver value to your customers.

Setup Systems and Software - Identify which platforms are best for your unique needs—giving you a holistic view of your customer activity, engagement, and product usage.

Train your Customers - Equip your customers with the knowledge and resources they require to be self-sufficient and successful with your product.

Let's Connect

If you know you need help with Customer Success, but aren't sure where to start let's schedule a call and discuss your goals. In addition to my packages above, I offer bespoke packages that can be tailored to fit your needs.