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Customer Success Foundations

Mini Course for

Beginners in Customer Success

Goals of the Course

This program is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to apply and work as a Customer Success Manager. 


We will cover all of the initial aspects of Customer Success and will make sure you feel comfortable and confident when speaking about the role and responsibilities of Customer Success Managers.

Course details:

  • 3x60 mins sessions

  • Maximum 4 participants

  • All sessions will include topic learnings and open discussions, including Q&A

  • Each session will include a worksheet(s) to practice the topics learned


Session #1

Introduction to

Customer Success

  • The importance of Customer Success to Businesses

  • Customer Success Engagement Models

  • Why companies hire CSMs

  • Roles and Responsibilities of CSMs

  • 4 "C"s of a successful CSM

Session #2

Customer Success Terminology & Expectations

  • Common Concepts used by CSMs, including: CAC, LTV, ROI, Churn, Retention, Health Score, NPS, etc.

  • Expectations for your first 30-60-90 days as a CSM

Session #3

Use Cases & Practice Exercises

  • Customer Use Cases - prioritizing customer work, managing difficult conversations, resolving crisis situations

  • Stakeholder Management - involving decision makers and company executives

Total Investment: $550

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