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Isabella Li

Founder & CEO


A few months after I launched my startup, I needed guidance on crafting a business plan and strategies to engage with and understand the needs of my customers. Additionally, I needed help with setting realistic short and long term goals that I can work toward. 


After an hour conversation with Hadas, I walked away with clear ideas on how to grow the business. Hadas helped me identify areas where I needed to focus on in order to build trust with the customers. She also helped me come up with strategies to engage and grow my customer base.


Hadas has excellent communication skills. She has the experience and expertise to identify areas of needs, help with strategic planning, and create solutions to address problems.  Her positive spirit inspired me to move forward with renewed energy and vision. 


I highly recommend Hadas to anyone who needs a strategy for customer success.


Hyla Dayan

Founder & CEO

Milk & Honey

This year, I decided to equip myself and my business with tools that will lead me on the path of success… One aspect I knew I was lacking was “Customer Success”! After consulting with some colleagues from my industry I reached out to Hadas.

Her fresh point of view was exactly what I was looking for! Hadas was able to pinpoint the areas that I needed to improve on and provided me with a great set of tools to deal with them. She led me step-by-step to defining my strategy and provided me with the tools to implement the changes in my day to day work with customers. I am happy to say that I can already see a positive outcome from the process. I will recommend Hadas to my friends without a doubt!


Stephanie McKay

Senior Manager, Marketing & Personalization


Hadas may be the most conscientious and hardworking professional I've ever had the the pleasure of working with. There is no solution too elusive, no road block too disruptive, and no idea too lofty for Hadas to successfully and deftly navigate.

Energetic and composed, knowledgeable and thoughtful, striving for nothing less than excellence in everything she does, Hadas sets the curve for everyone around her. 

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Hadas has a way of navigating through the trickiest customer situations with grace. She is a true professional when it comes to dealing with customers, especially difficult ones. I can't recommend her enough! 

Jeanine Wilson

Founder and Web Designer

JWilson Digital Studios

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