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Customer Success Managers

As a Customer Success Manager working directly with customers, it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone is feeling comfortable, confident, and satisfied with the value your product or service provides. Easier said than done, right? Well with the right tools and guidance, you can overcome ANY customer situation and keep them coming back for more!

1:1 Consulting

Designed for any customer facing individual or leader. We'll create a customer plan to help in the areas you need most! Enrich your Customer Success skills, personal growth plans, hiring and recruitment.

CSM Foundations

Designed for individuals starting their journey with Customer Success. Learn the foundations of CS & Build your tool box of CS skills to ensure you start out strong!

Expert Program

Designed for Customer Success Managers. Learn the skills, perspectives and technics needed to become a trusted advisor to your customers and to balance out your customer needs with your day-to-day tasks.

CSM Foundations

This program is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to apply and work as a Customer Success Manager. 


We will cover all of the initial aspects of Customer Success and will make sure you feel comfortable and confident when speaking about the role and responsibilities of Customer Success Managers.

Course details:

  • 3x60 mins sessions

  • Maximum 4 participants

  • All sessions will include topic learnings and open discussions, including Q&A

  • Each session will include a worksheet(s) to practice the topics learned

CSM Foundations

Session #1

Introduction to

Customer Success

  • The importance of Customer Success to Businesses

  • Customer Success Engagement Models

  • Why companies hire CSMs

  • Roles and Responsibilities of CSMs

  • 4 "C"s of a successful CSM

Session #2

Customer Success Terminology & Expectations

  • Common Concepts used by CSMs, including: CAC, LTV, ROI, Churn, Retention, Health Score, NPS, etc.

  • Expectations for your first 30-60-90 days as a CSM

Session #3

Use Cases & Practice Exercises

  • Customer Use Cases - prioritizing customer work, managing difficult conversations, resolving crisis situations

  • Stakeholder Management - involving decision makers and company executives

Expert Program

In this program, you will develop the skills, perspectives and communication technics needed to become a trusted advisor, provider and/or consultant. You will learn to approach any customer situation with confidence, curiosity, and a consistent communication styles to effectively prove your value to your customers.

In return, your customers will feel supported and confident in their work with you, releasing any stress or anxiety that is interfering with a productive, positive and meaningful working relationship.

The program includes:

  • 6 weeks x 2 hours per week =  12 hours

  • Groups of maximum 10 participants

  • Open, positive and productive discussions

  • Live sessions of topics learnings, practical exercises and discussions on real life use cases .

  • Diagnosis of existing problems and implementation of best practices

The results:

  • Gain confidence, learn how to set boundaries and interact with your customers.

  • Discover repeatable step-by-step processes to help balance the need of your customers and your business

  • Maximize your likelihood to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Increase revenues through account growth and new customer acquisition. 

Expert Program

Session #1

Driving customers to success

  • Defining Customer Success

  • A day in the life of your customers

  • Customer success vs. customer satisfaction 

  • Building authentic relationships with your customers

Session #2

Working better (not harder) with your customers

  • Setting expectations & managing unrealistic expectations

  • Getting to know your customer

  • Preparing for your 1st meeting

Session #3

Managing the day to day of customer interactions

  • Better customer communications

  • Meetings: before, during & after

  • Best practices for writing emails 

  • The importance of actionable insights & super start status

Session #4

Handling difficult customers

  • 5 types of customers and how to communicate with each

  • Setting boundaries: Is it ever ok to say NO?

  • Handling crisis situations 

  • Restoring customer confidence

Session #5

Continuous improvement

  • Making customer complaints work for you

  • Ineffective customer tactics: the dos and don'ts

  • How to surprise and delight your customers

Session #6

Use cases and practical exercises

  • Customer Use Cases - prioritizing customer work, managing difficult conversations, resolving crisis situations

  • Stakeholder Management - involving decision makers and company executives

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