Meet Hadas

Customer Success Expert and Coach

Customer success strategy for small businesses, customer success strategy, balancing customer and business needs, effective communication with customers

I deeply understand the struggles of working with customers because I've been there! Believing so much in your business but realizing that your offerings alone aren't enough: your customers need to see the value your business delivers.

My 1st role as a Customer Success Manager was with a tech start-up who's platform I truly believed in: from its capabilities and value, to how it stood apart from it's competitors. My focus was to consult with existing customers on strategies that would increase their usage and help them find their own success within the platform.

My first few months were spent in frustration. Not because I couldn't do my job or because I didn't believe in the platform, but because I was giving my customers everything they "wanted", instead of what they actually needed.

Ironically, my customers were most happy when I learned to focus my energy, time, resources on making them successful and didn't worry about making them "happy".

Now, I want to help other businesses do the same! Let's work together to create the customer strategies that are right for you, so you can spend more time growing your business.

My Philosophy

Customer-Centric Approach

I put the customer at the core of my business to provide a positive experience and build meaningful relationships.

Making an Impact

I believe that real change happens through creativity and innovative thinking. I love spotting unusual patterns and coming up with out-of-the-box solutions.

Actions Matter

Actions speak louder than words, and words should always be backed by actions. If I commit to something, it will be done.


Everyone has something valuable to contribute! If we each bring our knowledge, experience and skills, together we can make a real difference.

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The Customer Compass

After many years working in Customer Success, I realized something was missing. Larger organizations had plenty of resources and experts catering to them, but no one was stepping up for the small businesses.

Most are totally on their own, trying to balance growing their business while managing their customers - with no defined framework of how to do so. They're fed a lot of information about acquiring new customers, but have little resources for nurturing the relationships with the ones they have.

That's why I created The Customer Compass: I wanted to fill the gap and help equip small businesses with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to leverage their existing customers and grow their revenue as a result.

Just for fun

I got my start as a lawyer!

I decided to pivot when I discovered my passion for collaborating and working with people in tech. I pursued my MBA, found my way to customer success management, and never looked back!

I’m an accidental Nomad.

In the past 6 years my family and I have moved between 2 countries, 2 states and 5 towns.

I have a passion for travel.

In my adult life, I've been to over a dozen countries and a number of states across the U.S. My absolute favorite place in the entire world? Thailand!

I don’t fit in and I like it that way!

One of my favorite quotes is "don't fit in, add value.” Born to Israeli parents living in the U.S., I never felt like I totally fit into either culture. Over the years, it’s evolved from an insecurity to a strength, and has taught me how to build bridges and welcome diversity of thought.​

I take coffeeholic to a new level.

You know how people social drink? Well, I “meeting coffee.” I won’t enter the room without a mug. Call it a habit. Call it creature comfort. Coffee is my work buddy.