1:1 Consulting

We’ll map out your unique goals, identify pain points, and design a custom plan designed for your customers and their specific needs. As your coach, I’ll help you develop the systems, support, and accountability needed to level up your success.

Team Training

Tailored to your unique needs, this training is ideal for teams that have specific areas of customer success they’d like to address, or who simply prefer a workshop style training. These trainings can be customized to any industry.

Startup Companies

These packages are built for companies ready to put their customers at the center of their business and turn them into lifelong fans! You're interested in creating a measurable, scalable, systematic and constant process for your team to follow.  Together, we will work to reduce churn, increase revenue (through retention and upselling), and ensure your team is well-equipped and committed to the success of your customers.

1:1 Consulting

We’ll work together to develop the systems, strategy and support needed to level up your customers' success with your product. We'll dive into strategy and enablement to create the framework that will serve in understanding your customer journey, as well as its implications on your sales process, marketing strategy, and product development.


As your coach, I’ll help you implement a more streamlined process and create a trackable, scalable framework for your Customer Success and/or Customer Facing teams to follow.

Common Consultation Topics:

  • Full audit of current Customer Success strategies and processes.

  • Setting clear goals and defining success metrics for your teams.

  • Creating a framework—including playbooks and templates for your team to use.

  • Building automation into your Customer Engagement process.

  • Creating customer feedback loops.

  • Identifying the CRM system that will provide you with a holistic view of your customers' usage and health.

The results:

  • A streamlined process and approach for your entire team to follow.

  • Track, analyze, and measure the success of your customers and the impact your team has on your customers' usage and business.

  • Set targets for your team(s) to reach with their customers, including retention and revenue rates.


Custom Team Trainings

Tailored to your unique needs, this training is ideal for teams looking to improve their day-to-day interactions with customers.


Knowing your product is not enough! You need to ensure that your team plays by the same rules and working toward the same goals—taking into account the personalization that comes with working with each customer.

Whether it's your Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, or Product teams—the essentials of Customer Success should be at the core of everything they do!

Common Training Topics:​

  • Fundamentals of Customers Success.

  • Implementing best practices of Customer Success.

  • Managing difficult customer situations.

  • Engaging disengaged customers.

  • How to increase customer usage of your product.

  • Forecasting: How and when?

The results:

  • Understand what motivates your customers and how you can ensure their success with your product.

  • Create consistency within your customer-facing teams: from engagements and interactions, to data input and knowledge share.

  • Ensure your team is motivated and committed to your customers' success.


Sample Agenda

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